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Graphic Designer


– Bachelor’s degree or above, Major in art design, painting, etc. 2 ~ 3 years working experience in graphic design, a strong art background. Have excellent design case or mature design work;


– Proficient in the use of various design and production software, a solid foundation and strong design skills, proficient in PS, Flash, Dreamweaver, and other design tools;


– Be familiar with video editing, be able to finish video editing independently;


– Self-motivated, patient, responsible, creative, team player, good communication and coordination skills.


– Photographic experience is preferred;


– Priority will be given to those who can join as soon as possible.


E-commerce Operations


– Responsible for the introduction of well-known brands and online brands in related categories, formulate brand strategy, and be responsible for the brand planning and brand planning of Lattelier store;


– According to the characteristics industry to organize sales promotion, following the provisions of the complete examination of business data;


– Make brand replacement plan according to category planning, achieve sales and profit target;


– Develop and implement a business plan and plan the thematic activities according to the characteristics of different categories;


– UNDERSTAND data analysis can analyze the needs of users and customers based on data research, in-depth study of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and dynamic, to refine their own product improvement ideas and operational strategies, strive for favorable promotion price and dynamics, improve order conversion rate.


UI Designer


– Responsible for the user interface design of online education mobile and Web products, assist in the development of design standards and control specifications;


– Participate in product requirement and design review, have product thinking ability, provide a feasible and high-quality design solution, have in-depth research and understanding of UI design;


– Coordinate with the R & D team to finish the project, track the project’s quality, have good communication skills and problem-solving ability;


– Data awareness, continuous tracking of project arrival, attention to project measurement data, and optimization of iteration based on data output;


– Design-related background, bachelor’s degree or above, good artistic taste, attention to detail, and product experience;


– Product thinking, necessary interaction design skills, ability to think from a user and business perspective, rapid understanding of project objectives, and decomposition of design requirements;


– Self-motivated and a passion for continuous learning;


– Proficient in design software such as Sketch, Adobe Series, familiar with PC, mobile, and different operating system design rules, professional in animation design priority;


– Curriculum vitae with portfolio.